domenica 26 maggio 2013


Splatter tryout

Tryout for the comix magazine "Splatters"



Arcane wars

Final work for the IED Iphone-Ipad application and game designing class. A "Magic" like card game for Ios developed in xcode with cocos 2d frameworks.
My personal role in the group was more focused on design and animations.

game failed screen

game win screen

Deck load button

weel of fortune animated button

setting screen

app icon

first version of magic button

attack and magic button

spells button

pass turn button

cimitery icons

Arcane wars logo sketches 

game stage 


Sinestro in 3d

Yeah I enjoy drawing Sinestro, I even did in 3D!
Sculpted and painted in Autodesk Mudbox

sketch draw on bamboo paper for ipad 

3D sculpture

Sculpt and pose in Autodesk Mudbox by me, effect on cinema 4d and render by Pyer